Thursday, 17 April 2014

Toxic Treachery (2)

“Life can only be understood backwards”

Councillors arguing about a ‘right’ to a seat on the Hemingbrough School Board of Governors, giving the two local Churches a box of surplus 2002 Golden Jubilee Mugs and residents using the Fishing Club Wheelie Bin as a dumping place for Doggy Doo ..... it was trifling stuff.  (These are not jokey subjects – they took up Parish Council time) There was nothing there about which to go to war.           

The two factions had been skirmishing since the May 2007 ‘elections, which weren’t real elections as there were fewer candidates than seats, so all eight people who stood were ‘elected’ to the Council.  Five Councillors, Bilton, Bygrave, ‘King Roland’ Chilvers (father), Chilvers (son) and ‘Baldrick’ Strelczenie (husband) made up the ‘The Labour Gang’ clique which meant they could always block the other three, McCann, Pickering and Senior, particularly as Chilvers (father) had a second, deciding ‘Chairman’s vote’ in the case of a tie if two of his clique were absent.  

Councillors had the right to co-opt mates to fill the three empty seats and Chairman Chilvers (father) got Sue Strelczenie (wife) and Edward Kinsella, who would introduce “swearing on the Bible” into the Council when confounded by the evidence, and ‘The Others’ got Glenis Harrison to add to the Council’s Vegetable Plot.  At a stroke, the compliant Clerk had to learn a new mantra “Vote carried 7 to 4”.

The essential principle of any successful Parish Council is that ‘Party Politics have no place’ there; Councillors should be independent-minded individuals who want to serve their community.  Chilvers (father) whined on and on about ‘The Labour Gang’ epithet until I unearthed the names of local Labour Party Activists:-

The nominations for the Hemingbrough Ward for the 3 May 2007 elections were Chilvers (father) with his Proposer, Seconder and Assentors that included Jean Chilvers, Derek T Bygrave, Sheila Bygrave, J Strelczenie and Susan Strelczenie.  Similarly, for the South Selby Labour Party candidate for the 4 June 2009 North Yorkshire County Council Election, the Proposer, Seconder and Assentors list included Strelczenie (husband), Strelczenie (wife), Jean Chilvers, Chilvers (father), Colin Chilvers (son) and Angela Chilvers – 4 Hemingbrough Parish Councillors and two wives!

The Labour Party Gang that controlled Hemingbrough Parish Council appeared time after time.  At a 2009 Parish Council meeting, after Chairman Chilvers (father) resigned his position, the new Chairman, Strelczenie (husband), was Proposed by Chilvers (father), Seconded by C Chilvers (son) and elected ‘By a Show of Hands of 5 votes for and 4 abstentions’.  The Vice Chair, E Kinsella was Proposed by Strelczenie (wife), Seconded by Chilvers (father) and elected ‘By a Show of Hands of 5 votes with 4 abstentions’.

Snubbing or treating Chilvers (father) with contempt was much worse than filling the Fishing Club’s Wheelie Bin with Doggy Doo.  What was McCann saying about the King chucking his toys out of the Royal Pram?  Had Councillors McCann, Pickering, Harrison and Senior fiddled with the Parish Council’s Hagg Lane Green Committee Constitution?

Passions were inflamed, Parish Council matters took a sinister turn and early in 2008 the Labour Gang embarked on a crusade to humiliate the Hagg Lane Green Gang.  The War kicked off with ‘Baldrick’ Strelczenie mounting a lone, public protest – had he misunderstood The Labour Gang’s War Plan?   

Monday, 14 April 2014

Stats by lunchtime today

Who said people are not interested in local politics?  Only a year until the next elections. 

The overwhelming opinion is the Chairman was snubbed by people who voted for him.  

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Toxic Treachery (Part 1)

Hemingbrough’s ‘Hagg Lane Green War’ has been raging since November 2007.  As the two warring Parish Council factions lose no opportunity to screw each other the residents are the ultimate losers because each side will not yield or support the other on important matters.  Nothing gets done!  The 2013 proposal for a Village Cenotaph that was supported by more than 400 residents, for example, came from Councillors Chilvers and Chilvers and was turned down without explanation by Councillor Ken McCann and his faction, more than five years after the war started. 

Here is Councillor McCann’s self-serving version of how the Chairman of the Hagg Lane Green Group and Chairman of the Parish Council, Roland Chilvers, came to resign from the conservation group.        

Written by Parish Councillor and Hagg Lane Green Group Steering Committee Member Ken McCann.  The descriptions and allegations are Mr. McCann’s alone and cannot be verified although he is consistent in his repeated telling of the events. (Explanations)  

McCann: “The (Roland Chilvers) resignation from the Hagg Lane Group apparently came about after the group had been shortlisted for the Village Ventures Award, at the next meeting volunteers were sought to attend the awards evening where a presentation was to be made by each of the finalists.  Each ‘entrant’ was allowed to send a maximum of four representatives on the evening.

 As Denis (Hails) and Martin (Senior) had shown the Judges around the site on their first visit and then Martin and Neil (Pickering) had shown them round the site the second time, they were obvious choices agreed by all at the meeting.  A fourth volunteer was requested at the meeting, no one volunteered and so after the meeting I volunteered to go with the laptop and run a slideshow of the photographs I had taken.

After the event, Roland (described in the local newspaper as THE FOUNDING MEMBER of the group) was annoyed, he had complained to Brian (Hopper – the Parish Clerk)) that he had not been requested to go as he was the Chairman (of the Hagg Lane Green Group & the Parish Council & the Hemingbrough United Charities – a sort of de facto Lord of the Manor mocked by many as ‘King Roland’) and thought he had an automatic right to attend.  The group members never show preference to any particular member (even though they had voted for Roland to be group Chairman), and Brian explained to me that Roland had thought he had been snubbed by the group.  (It looks like a great snub to me).

I think the top and bottom of it was that Roland never seemed to be able to follow the meeting, nothing different there, and did not understand what had been asked.  He was probably wandering off at a tangent as usual.

His resignation letter from the group was as usual not the true facts, he complained that he had not been involved with the allocation of funds and what they were spent on he did chair every single meeting where any items of finance and expenditure were discussed.

Brian was away and Sue Strelczenie (Parish Councillor, wife of Hemingbrough Parish Councillor Jan Strelczenie, former running mate of Roland Chilvers at the Selby District Council elections, which they both lost,  who was  co-opted on to the Parish Council in a vote in which her husband took part even though the Council’s professional advisers, the YLCA, had told the Parish Clerk that would be  a prejudicial interest for which the Councillor could be censured, but he wasn’t and that’s how they did things in Hemingbrough) was standing in as Clerk (to the Parish Council) Roland asked Sue to put his resignation letter on the Parish Council notice board, which she did as she knew no better.   

Some of the ‘Commoners’ (Hagg Lane Green Group Secretary and Treasurer Denis Hails’s name for non-Parish Councillors of the Hagg Lane Group) were not at all happy at the contents (of the Chilvers resignation letter) and being accused by Roland, to them he was just another member and had no extra authority (even they had voted him as group Chairman and his wife had formally opened the Hagg Lane Green Site on its Grand Opening Day and had been seen in the local newspaper in her posh clothes) and they couldn’t believe what he had done.  Brian (Hopper) suggested that we thank Roland for his work on the group – the members thought differently.

I think much of Roland’s bad feeling towards me at the Parish Council comes from this, I think he wanted to be remembered for his work on Hagg Lane and unfortunately the majority of the group thought he was a waste of space.

‘The Oldways’ is his next attempt to be remembered for something I think, it will go the same way as the ‘Land With No Name’ if it is up to Roland and Jan to do the work – they do always look busy in the photos in the (local news)papers though.

Some of the bad feeling does go a lot further back than that.  I blame Miss Hanley, his and my and many other generation’s Reception Class Teacher, he told the slide show meeting at the chapel that she had hit him round the head for not getting on with his knitting one day.”   

(Snub: to insult someone deliberately, to treat with disdain or contempt).

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

They are still at it!

I continue to receive well-informed notes suggesting where I should dig; the latest letter with ‘insider’ information suggests topics about the Hagg Lane Green Group to dig in to.  The two factions are still at it!  They will take any and every opportunity to screw each other and ****** the residents (except for a few weeks before the election every four years). 

Have you found traces of skeletons yet?  Maybe you should be asking questions of some of the sitting councillors who are also on/in the Hagg Lane Green Group  Have they ever claimed expenses from the coffers in the pursuit of their ‘voluntary work’?  How much is spent on entertainment (particularly wines and spirits)?  What claims were made to the public purse (big lottery funding and others) as to who owns the lands?  Makes you wonder what the £600 taxpayer’s (sic) money from the parish precept goes towards does it not?  In addition, if they do make personal financial claims do they declare it to HMRC for tax purposes?  I wonder if any of them claim tax exemption for any particular activity they have performed and use of company equipment and vehicles for example.  Told you there were a few skeletons about that are worth looking at and these are the ones close to the surface, you would not believe the deeper darker secrets
I understand historically that the £600* went through on a nod (and maybe a wink) and that the financial books and position are not scrutinised in the same depth or manner as other worthy causes applying for monies/donations/grants from the Parish Council.

* Note: the £600 refers to the annual Parish Council squabble when the independent Hagg Lane Green Group (HLGG) decides at one of its Steering Committee meetings, chaired by Mr. M. Senior who is also a Parish Councillor and a Parish Council’s representative attending the HLGG Steering Committee meeting supposedly to observe and report back to the Parish Council and residents about that Steering Groups activities and plans, which he never does, and Senior is joined on the HLGG Steering Group by Mr K McCann (Parish Council Vice Chairman), Mrs G Harrison and Mr N Pickering, who are also Parish Councillors, and Mr McCann’s wife who is not a Parish Councillor, that it’s that time of year again for the Residents in the form of the Parish Council to stump up the £600 HLGG ‘maintenance grant‘, so Mr Senior and his three colleagues presumably not acting as Parish Councillors are delighted when one of their two Parish Councillors friends who are not on the HLGG Steering Committee but openly campaigned for Parish Councillors seat who are known as ‘The Friends of Hagg Lane Green Group’, Councillors Drew (Chairman) and Wilkinson (recent past Chair person until her first year in office was a disaster) who were presumably tipped off by one or more of the Hagg Lane Green Parish Councillors on the Steering Committee that it’s time again to put a proposal before the Parish Council for their £600 so the Councillors who campaigned together and always have a majority vote to defeat Councillors Chilvers, Strelczenie and Kinsella and whoever is left in their clique in a named vote which they inevitably lose but at least it must be entered in the Council minutes so they can record what they think of four Parish Councillors belonging to an independent group, like any other village good cause, who decide they want £600 quid of our money for their own group and are in a position to engineer a proposal to the Parish Council and then vote as Parish Councillors to give their own hobby group as not Parish Councillors the public money, unlike any other village good cause that should have its books scrutinised and put before a council of Members without any vested interests!  **********! 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

********** to the Residents!

When you understand how decisions are taken at Hemingbrough Parish Council you will realise that the pledges of people like McCann, Wilkinson and Drew at election time are not worth a tuppenny tinker’s toss and their actions suggest they don’t give a ****** for the wishes of the residents.    

One year ago, at the January 2013 Hemingbrough Parish Council, two Councillors, Kristina Wilkinson and Kenneth McCann used the device of a ‘Counter Proposal’ to defeat the proposal of Councillors Jan Strelczenie and Roland Chilvers that the erection of a Village Cenotaph to commemorate the start of the Great War in 1914 should become a Parish Council initiative.


Wilkinson and McCann were supported by Councillors Pickering, Harrison, Senior and Drew to defeat the Strelczenie/Chilvers proposal by six votes to four.  Collectively, those six Councillors

Drew, Council Chairman,
McCann, Council Vice-chairman,
Senior, Council Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group Rep (and Chairman of the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group),
Harrison, Council Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group Rep,
Pickering and

make up the Council voting bloc known as the ‘Hagg Lane Green Gang’ which campaigned for our votes at the last election on a published and well publicised pledge to put the residents at the forefront of their intent.    

The ‘Hagg Lane Green Gang’ Councillors offered residents no explanation for their arrogant, high-handed action so it is little wonder that the village grapevine soon carried the news that both McCann and Wilkinson, who have had countless clashes with Strelczenie and Chilvers, were getting their own back and were supported by others of the Hagg Lane Green Steering Group who still boast about their success in changing that Group’s constitution so the management of that village green would be removed from Parish Council control and the Chilvers name could be expunged from that Conservation Group’s records.  

It is to the credit of Strelczenie and Chilvers that they organised a survey in Hemingbrough and Cliffe before Christmas that collected 450 signatures in support of the Cenotaph and the support of Cliffe Parish Council.

With so much visible support I hoped McCann, Wilkinson and Drew would have ensured the subject of the Cenotaph was on this month’s Parish Council Agenda and a new discussion could have taken place in the light of public support for the idea.

No chance!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Response to comments

It looks like there is positive support for a new memorial to the 1914-1918 conflict and even the suggestion that the corner of Hagg Lane Green could be appropriate as Councillor Roland Chilvers was the founding Member of the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group and he seems to be the main patron with support coming from sales of his latest book.   
It’s just a shame that people were inhibited by the thought of putting comments in a box in the village shop.  That what happens in a village with warring factions at the Parish Council.  They never know who is watching them.  They should get out of the village more often, and I don't mean going to Selby and as far as Driffield!  

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What happened on the 11th - 12th November?

Someone at St. Mary’s Church, Hemingbrough must have displeased and disturbed the ‘Anony-mouse’ Cowardly Sssssssssssssssssssnake early last week.  I received another one of its readily identifiable, second-class, anony-mouse letters on Thursday morning. 
As usual, Sssssssssssssssssssnake targets particular Hemingbrough Parish Councillors who are also Hemingbrough United Charities Trustees, Hagg Lane Green Conservation Green Members and people visibly supporting St. Mary’s Church.  Here is a specimen of its poison,
Well the Sunday remembrance service was a turn up for the books. how dare hypocrites like McCann and Senior attend what a disgusting turn of events for them to be in that service when they appose the support of a memorial. One thing though the McCann “witchy poo” was ...... ......... ........... . ... ............ .......... .................. . .. ... ... ... ........... ............. . ........ .... ...... . .. .. . ...... ..... .... ..... ..... ...... ..... .... .... ........”
Speaking of the Hagg Lane Green Group it hissed I am certain there are many skeletons in the cupboards there, let me know, ..............  See you soon – Snake in the grass
Now that the Cowardly Sssssssssssssssssssnake has replaced its vituperative ‘HEMINGBROUGHPARISHCOUNCIL and village watcher’ web site with a different one it must be convulsed with bile and almost bursting with hatred for it to ask me to convey its bitterness.  Only a Gutless Snake would concern itself with and comment on the reasons for church attendance.  
Note how the Sssssssssssssssssssnake’s usual peasant writing style was affected by whatever news it heard.
Could it be that St. Mary's Church has just turned down the proposal for a cenotaph or other memorial on Church of England ground?  If so, why not erect it at Hagg Lane Green on the corner of Hagg Lane and Hull Road.  I would support that as long it is not similar to the Chilvers and Strelczenie ‘Welcome to Hemingbrough’ monstrosity.   
I am not interested in the Hagg Lane Green ‘skeletons’; I don’t publish anything until I have it verified and will not repeat the majority of the Snake’s bile - just enough for you to know what kind of creature slithers amongst us along Main Street.   
I image the Sssssssssssssssssssnake capitalises on the lack of gonads amongst the Neutered Mute Newts – I think we would have a better village if they were replaced on the Parish Council by their partners.  

Can’t they put something in their teas and coffees?

Monday, 18 November 2013

I would, wouldn't you?

Reply to yet more nonsense:

Dear Parish Clerk,

You did not cause “confusion” when you wrote to me as your statement was absolutely clear.... at the discretion of the Chairman the letter was not read out and it was agreed that no further action would be taken on this”.  That is why I challenged the Parish Council in general and Chairman Drew in particular.

Now you have yet another version of what happened!  Can residents believe anything you write?  Furthermore, I challenge the actions you describe now.

By right, residents can address the Parish Council at the Open Forum or in writing on any matter that is of concern to them.  Councillors are supposed to be concerned with residents not just their own internal back-biting, bloc majority voting and making so far unexplained, unilateral decisions about such important events as a village memorial for the 1914-1918 War with no more than a tup’penny tinker’s toss for anything residents may think.

I chose to write to all Hemingbrough Parish Councillors on behalf of a number of residents about a website that is well known to them – the site was called HEMINGBROUGHPARISHCOUNCILandvillagewatcher.

The ‘anonymous’ author’s bile was almost exclusively about the two warring factions that make up Hemingbrough Parish Council and people associated with them for more than three years.

Councillor R. Chilvers was publicly associated with that scurrilous website by leaflets that appeared in the village recently.  A number of residents are seeking an unequivocal assurance from Councillor Chilvers as outlined in my letter to all Hemingbrough Councillors.

Your latest explanation that the issue did “not concern the actions of the Council as a corporate body” is preposterous and disrespectful; the Council must address itself to matters of concern to and raised by residents.

We expect action - after all, any reasonable person, publicly identified with such a hateful site should be keen to give residents an unequivocal assurance that he or she had nothing to do with it, and that should be the end of the matter.

I assume you understand the issues surrounding any serving Councillor being associated with such a website.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


Dear ***** *********

Thank you for your epitaphic ode on the demise of the cowardly Snake’s ‘anony-mouse’ and often deceptive blog with the idiosyncratic literary fingerprint.   

A Website I published – I thought quite well
But as you all saw, I couldn’t quite spell,
The venom I spewed at you on my site
Some say was pointless, the others say sh*te
I hid behind the cover of my blog
But you all knew it was me, even the dog1
I contribute nothing to this or to that
In fact I am just an evil PR*T!

What's the Snake up to now?  When a Snake slithers through the sh*t, it leaves an indelible trail.  Is there a new, anonymous, local web site sitting on the same computer?    Some might say the coding calls for an explanation and its no good changing it now!        

 1 When the cowardly Snake got carried away on a spume of bile, its poisonous blog included local references such as taking its little doggie to Hagg Lane Green and sending a Freedom of Information Act request to the Charity Commission about a Hemingbrough Charity and then misunderstanding the reply – although a charity is not subject to the Act, the Commission, as a public body, is subject to the Act, so it’s possible to get a copy of its correspondence – it’s just a matter of how the question is phrased.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Anonymous Letter received 23 October 2013.

What is it about people in Hemingbrough?  

I abhor anonymous letters as much as I loathe anonymous web sites so whoever sent the “chuckle” letter that was maybe meant to amuse me had the opposite effect.  

If you have something to say, stand up like an adult and say it clearly and loudly.     

Monday, 21 October 2013

“Village Sign” “thrown together” “by Laurel & Hardy”


Hi.  I liked your three signs.  It was worth walking across the road to look at what they say.  Actually, I think it was the ‘Three Stooges’ rather than Laurel & Hardy (here they are surveying the site) – two who did the stonework for this ancient, brick village complete with its own brick works, and the APOLOGIST who spoke for the other Mute Newts whining on and on and on about the nasty piece of work being on ground in Cliffe Parish so ‘we’ (Hemingbrough residents and Councillors) couldn’t do anything about it, until I proved to the tiny  man that the Parish Council minutes showed it is Hemingbrough Parish Council that holds the licence from North Yorkshire C.C. for the nasty pile – so with some guts we could have a proper welcome sign at each end of the village. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013