Friday, 17 October 2014

October Parish Council (2)

Credit where credit's due

Councillor Strelczenie, under the watchful eye of the camcorder, camera and voice recorder has morphed from years as a Gobby, Bullying, Belligerent, Prat of an ex-Pit Deputy Councillor with a big stick to a reasonable Parish Councillor making helpful comments. 


Well done Eric Pickles M.P. for transforming Parish Councils with new national rules to return Power to the People.  The nucleus of Councillors Procter, Chilvers and Strelczenie could bode well for the next Parish Council after the May 2015 elections. 

The Village can’t be doing with waste-of-space Mute Newts like Councillors Harrison and Sedman, or the less than part-time, frequently absent, Mute Newt Pickering.  We need action people fulfilling pledges to put Residents first instead of putting their private hobbies foremost and lobbying for friends, like McCann’s sustained ‘support’ for the Hagg Lane Green Tree Surgeon which was embarrassing to listen to last night. (More later)

You have to be there to believe it!

October Parish Council (1)

Poor Children, having to sit through that!
After September 2014 Councillors’ indiscreet Allegations & Admissions were captured on Video, Clerk brings two young Children to Meeting and insists on sitting them where they will appear in filming of Parish Council under new national rules, despite availability of out-of-view, unoccupied seats close by the other end of the table in Clerk’s direct view while Vice-chairman McCann asks for filming of the entire meeting to be abandoned as he thinks I have ‘enough film of them in action’.  One Child moves out of view before the start to everyone’s satisfaction.   

Will McCann suggest November and December meetings be conducted by a single candle light as Christmas approaches?  Obviously Councillors have much to hide after last month’s allegations of “Shady Dealings” “There were large sums of money involved” “You Councillors over-ruled me.  Why do you think I walked out of your Hagg Lane Group?” “Well, that was entirely false” etc.

The Parish Council Chairman, floundering as usual, looks like he wants to be anywhere but in the Chair as he forgets all about the Residents’ Open Forum, that Council Agenda is already on website and has been for years, etc ....... he should be at home in bed, or in the pub.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hemingbrough Village suffering a plague of rats

Selby Times, 16 October 2014

Hemingbrough Village suffering a plague of rats

Dear Editor

The growing plague of common rats at Hagg Lane Green is a health hazard, especially for children.  Seeing the rodents in daytime confirms there are large numbers in this area where children also play and walkers exercise their dogs.

 My main concern is for the children who could be exposed to rat excreta.  These rats are getting fatter and breeding faster as they feast on the seeds stored behind the nearby Barnsley Loft buildings.  The twelve 500kg seed bags that have been there for a considerable time are being ripped open by these rodents. 

Early last Sunday morning a large bird of prey was seen at Hagg Lane Green hunting rats for its breakfast.  That might be a pretty sight for some but it’s really a sign of the big problem we have here.

I believe the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group which installed and manages the boardwalks on the surrounding land should stage a clean-up of the area. 

I and other residents have noticed increasing numbers of dead rats around the local ponds and this suggests all is not well in the rat colony.

It’s all very well conserving wildlife, but we must protect the village’s children now.

Vic Parkin


From ‘Fright Night’ to the ‘Memorial Rose Garden’

How village events are connected at Hemingbrough Petty Council.

The first Hemingbrough Halloween ‘Fright Night’ was a great idea. 

Kris Wilkinson, her husband and friend approached the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group for ‘permission’ to use the land registered, but not owned, by the Petty Council, as a Village Green, which aggravated the feud between two Parish Council factions that led to the Wilkinsons knocking on Councillor Chilvers’ door to ask about alleged remarks about the ‘Fright Night’ profits that upset Mrs. Chilvers and rightly got them sent away with a stinging rebuke that earned a mention in the Council minutes which culminated in Kris Wilkinson standing for election to the Petty Council with the Hagg Lane Green Gang of Councillors led by Kenny McCann and that campaigning Group which included Richard Drew won a majority over the Group that included Councillors Chilvers, Strelczenie and Kinsella because the Councillor Chilvers Son and the Councillor Strelczenie Wife failed to regain their seats but the Hagg Lane Green Gang failed to get its calming influence Dennis Hails elected to fulfil its intention of having him as the Parish Council Chairman and the three ‘Mute Newts’ “men” (McCann, Senior & Pickering) couldn’t face the prospect of chairing the Petty Council with the ruffled Councillors Chilvers & Strelczenie opposing them so Kris Wilkinson much her to her surprise became the Petty Council Chairperson which was like the proverbial ‘Red Rag to the Bull’ for Strelczenie who bullied Wilkinson in those bad old days before Petty Councils could be filmed, photographed and recorded but after a disastrous year of harassment when Wilkinson lamented that her campaigning ‘friends’ on the Council just melted away and sat like Mutes (Newts) in the face of Strelczenie’s hounding and harrying and handed over the Chair to Drew as the other ‘men’ of the Hagg Lane Green Gang still couldn’t step up to the plate and Drew’s tenure of office became  marked by a compelling drive to get each Petty Council meeting over with as soon as he could even at the expense of not doing much for residents and then Councillor’s Strelczenie and Chilvers had an idea about a new village memorial for the Great War of 1914-1918 so proposed the Petty Council adopt it is a civic initiative when Wilkinson and McCann (who else?) immediately proposed that the Petty Council SHOULD NOT support it allegedly because the proposal came from those two Councillors and “it is just the whim of one person” so the two defeated Councillors encouraged the formation of a Parish History Society that amongst other things gained the support of 450+ local residents and the two village churches for an ambitious Memorial Rose Garden on the land at the village entrance occupied a derelict petrol service station and when that Society organised an Open Meeting last Sunday attended by residents and representatives of the two village churches to comment about the Garden plans not one of the Petty Councillors who had campaigned together and promised to put the residents at the forefront of their intent otherwise known as the Hagg Lane Green Gang Councillors McCann Senior Harrison Pickering or Drew and their co-opted Mate Sedman (Wilkinson has left the village) put in appearance for even five minutes and it’s this Gang that still forms the majority Council voting bloc and can prevent the Council from making a substantial Grant to the Memorial Garden at tonight’s meeting  despite the Council’s own Auditor commenting officially on the excess Public Money sitting in the Council’s bank account earning sweet F.A. so tonight’s Petty Council in the Village Institute at 19:30 could become another ‘Fright Night’.

This is real Parish History, unfortunately.

There is still time for redemption.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Allegations and admissions (5)

A benefit of exercising every resident’s right to take a copy of the Parish Council’s complete paperwork every year is that I don’t have to believe the baloney spewed out by some Councillors when they are duty bound to tell the truth in formal meetings of the Council.

Has the recently co-opted Councillor Proctor realised what he has stumbled into?  Last month’s Council Meeting referred to the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group, which was not registered for VAT, and VAT Cheques.

The challenges for Councillor Proctor are not only to know if he is hearing a truthful response to his questions, but does he know which questions to ask?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Allegations and admissions (4)

Councillor Proctor, being sensible, wanting to know what has been going on because he wants the Parish Council to be, and to be seen to be, ‘Open and Honest’

On Thursday night, 16th October 2014, the Parish Council should be discussing Hagg Lane Green again.  Having heard Councillor Chilvers dismiss some of the assertions as ‘Bunkum’ and ‘Rubbish’ last month I hope Councillor Proctor will not be taken in by what he is told.

Perhaps he would like to ask McCann about the Conservation Group’s Constitution that is on file as part of the legal record of Hemingbrough Parish Council.  It is dated “13th day of October 2005”.  When I got a copy from the Parish Clerk I asked her if it contained a typing error.  She never replied!  It was so obviously bogus. 

It was no use asking Councillor Senior, the Conservation Group Chairman, as he very seldom opens his mouth in Parish Council meetings unless he is commenting on planning applications.  There was no point at all in asking Councillors Harrison and Pickering as they talk even less that Senior.  A waste of space, and of residents’ votes, is a fair description. 
I single out these four Parish Councillors as they signed that ‘October 2005’ Constitution (below).

Councillor Proctor might like to ask why there is a bogus Constitution in the Parish Council files.  Why is it so obviously bogus?  Because Senior signed it as ‘Chairperson’.  Roland Chilvers was the Chairperson for a long time after that date!  We know when he left the Group, and why, according to last month’s Parish Council record.

So why the need for a bogus Constitution?  The Heritage Lottery Fund Application, available under Reference VH-05-01037 under the Freedom of Information Act, shows the JOINT application was printed on Thursday 20 October 2005 at 2:48, just one week after the bogus Constitution date. 

Councillor Proctor might like to ask McCann why there is no copy of this document in the Parish Council files when the application is a joint application with the Council as one party.  He might also like ask McCann why the application says “The land is owned by the Parish Council ....

Why did the bogus Constitution have to be back-dated to before the grant application?  
According to the Council minutes of 21 June 2007 the Conservation Group was a Parish Council Committee and as the Parish Clerk helpfully pointed out in his minutes “the Clerk pointed out that the (Conservation Group) Constitution gave the right of the Parish Council to nominate 4 of its members to the COMMITTEE with the Chairman being chosen from among that number.”

So the bogus Constitution hadn't been slipped into the files by June 2007.  As the previous Clerk was noted for the reliability of his minutes we can be confident that the Conservation Group was a Parish Council Committee so this application appears to be a joint one by the Council and its Committees with four Councillors being common to both.  Councillor Proctor might like to ask McCann about that!

While he is asking these questions, Councillor Proctor might also like to ask McCann why the grant application to the Big Lottery Fund in 2006 says Hemingbrough Parish Council owns the land called “Granny Darley’s Green”.  Is that document in the Parish Council files?

Maybe Councillor Proctor might find more truth outside the Parish Council meeting than what he hears about the Conservation Group at Council meetings.                  

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Allegations and admissions (3)

A 21 minute clip of the September 2014 Hemingbrough Parish Council Meeting.

Councillor Chilvers’ Body Language as he listens to a pile of Old Tripe, or “Bunkum” and “Rubbish” as he puts it.  As usual, he seems to be in command of the facts.   

Chairman Drew floundering around, out of his depth, still thinking the Parish Council owns Hagg Lane Green,

The Parish Clerk thinking there wasn’t anything wrong with what she was hearing at this meeting (VAT. It was wrong, wrong, wrong!),

Councillor Proctor, being sensible, wanting to know what has been going on because he wants the Parish Council to be, and to be seen to be, ‘Open and Honest’ (A possible future Council Chairman?),

Councillors Senior and Harrison in their usual ‘Mute Newt’ mode (Sitting in the notorious Council Vegetable Patch. I don’t know why they bother coming, other than to vote for Hagg Lane Green issues),

Councillor Kinsella in Vegetable Mode,

Councillor Sedman, another ‘Mute Newt’ in the making,

Councillor McCann, with his sly and shifty way of trying to drop Councillor Chilvers in it, (twice!), (I haven’t blamed anyone, I just asked a question, Miss!),

Councillors talking about who really owns Hagg Lane Green (despite what was told to two Lottery Organisations when asking for money, (The Parish Council couldn’t apply for funding - McCann) and who owns the White Van from which waste is dumped at Hagg Lane Green (Doesn’t everyone know? One of the people who signed the AMENDED Hagg Lane Green Constitution dated 13 October 2005?)      

and Councillor Strelczenie sitting quietly.

Councillor Proctor wants Openness and Honesty from this bunch.  I’m sure many residents recall the behaviour of most of these Councillors over the Waste Water Treatment Works Planning Application.  Time for a big change in May 2015?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Allegations and admissions (2)

Who is holding the Parish Financial Records for the Councils’ “shady dealings” with the autonomous Hagg Lane Green Group? (mentioned below).

The Parish Record applying for Heritage Lottery Funds is specific “The applicant is a joint application made by the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Conservation Group and Hemingbrough Parish Council”.

The Records MUST therefore be available for inspection by the public under the Freedom of Information Act, but the Parish Clerk will not produce information under the Act, despite being legally obliged to respond to legitimate enquiries. 

Who is holding and concealing these Parish Records?  If they are not in the Parish files, are they in the Hagg Lane Green Group files where they are freely available to the four Parish Councillors who steer this Group – McCann, Senior, Harrison and Pickering – but hidden from the public?

Councillor Chilvers’ concerns are supported by the odd entry in the Council minutes “Item 07/34 FINANCE.  Receipt of £4013.59 VAT noted inc. £2138.12 for Hagg Lane Green scheme was noted.”  Councillors McCann, Senior and Pickering were present.

Residents can’t know the truth of the allegations and admissions until unbiased investigations have been conducted however hearing long-serving Councillors talking ‘on the record’ saying “I knew it was illegal” suggests those involved are long past their ‘sell by’ date. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Allegations and admissions

Dear Parish Clerk

Hemingbrough Parish Council 18th September 2014.  Agenda Item 16 Advice of correspondence received, and decide on action to be taken, where appropriate:-  a) Resident – Note receipt of further correspondence regarding Hemingbrough Parish Council and Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group (Deffered (sic) from August Meeting).

I have waited until two weeks after the last Hemingbrough Parish Council to give you the opportunity to take action after Councillors discussed the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group, in which four serving Parish Councillors serve on the Steering Group, and Hemingbrough Parish Council. 

Exchanges between Councillors included allegations and admissions of wrong doing concerning VAT, amongst other things.  I believe you have a transcript of those proceedings that you use a prompt when preparing minutes. 

Have you reported the allegations and admissions to your VAT Office and the Selby Council Monitoring Officer, and offered them a copy of your recording?  If not, you know I have complete audio and video recordings that I can let you have that confirm which Councillors made which comments.

If I do not have your email confirmation by Wednesday this week that you have already reported this matter to your VAT Office and the Monitoring Officer then matters will be taken out of your hands and your own performance scrutinised.

Below are some of the comments made during the formal session of the Parish Council on 18 September 2014 that should have made you take action by now:

“Why isn’t there enough detail?  There just isn’t!  I was never given that (financial records and papers) right from the beginning.  It all been changed from the original set up.*  As a Councillor, I would like to know what we are dealing with here.  There were large sums of money involved.... from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Now you know as much as I do that there were shady dealings with this.  I did not agree with doing that.  The thing I didn’t like was when the Parish Council was handing VAT cheques to the Hagg Lane Group which was not VAT registered.  I did not agree with that.  You Councillors over-ruled me.  Why do you think I walked out of your Hagg Lane Group?  VAT ... If that is the case, that seems illegal to me.  I knew it was illegal, but I was only one.  It was wrong, wrong, wrong.   Well, that was entirely false, and I knew that at the time.  So it’s owned by the Parish Council, isn’t it?  No! No! No!  I signed it on behalf of Councillors.  (The Previous Clerk) will keep out of it.  He used to sit over there and pass the VAT cheques to XXXXX (still a serving Councillor, and Chairman of the Conservation Group) and it was wrong to do that.  I’m moving on.  I’ve lost myself again.

*Parish Clerk has refused to provide any information about these matters under a properly worded, acknowledged Freedom of Information Act request in 2014.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The conversion of the Philistines

Dear Blogmeister,

I am writing to let you know how pleasing it is to see at last that you have chosen The Holy Bible to castigate one faction on the Parish Council. 

It is a shame that you should quote a mere particle of The Gospel of Matthew.  I exhort you to make known the word of the Lord in its fullness and continue where you left off.  I think that you will find that Matthew provides equal inspiration to the present situation in his recording of the sheep and newts.

Ebenezer Twistleton – Hemingbrough.

Dear Squire Twistleton

Will do!

‘So if you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

Make friends quickly with your Accuser, while you are going with him to Court, lest your Accuser hand you over to the Judge, and the Judge to the Guard, and you be put in prison; truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny.’

Ed: If they dig up the £10,000 bag of gold and donate it to the Village Memorial Rose Garden appealing to at least 450 local residents they will indeed be redeemed and brothers and sister may sit down in peace again

Monday, 29 September 2014

When you're in a Hole, STOP DIGGING

The Parable of the Bags of Gold. Matthew 25

A Man called his three Servants and entrusted his wealth to them.  To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag.  Then he went on a journey.  The Servant with five bags put his money to work and gained five bags more.  The Servant with two bags of gold gained two more.  The Servant with one bag dug a hole in the ground and hid his Master’s money.

When the Master returned one Servant said ‘Master, you gave me five bags of gold.  I have gained five more.’  Another said ‘Master, you gave me two bags of gold.  I have gained two more.’

To these two Servants the Master said “Well done, good and faithful servants. You have been faithful to me; I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your Master’s happiness.’

Then the Servant who had received one bag of gold said ‘Master, I was afraid and hid your gold in the ground.  Here is the bag of gold that belongs to you.’

The Master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy Servant.”  He took the bag of gold and gave it to the one who had ten bags and threw his worthless Servant outside into the darkness where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

In 2013/14, the Parish Council received £23,000.  They spent £5,000 on Staff Costs, £6,000 on Lighting, Grass Cutting, Insurance, Subscriptions, etc.  That left them £12,000 discretionary funds to spend on anything worthwhile for residents.  


Councillors can redeem themselves by giving £10,000 to the Village Rose Garden Memorial now.  450 local residents want a new Village Memorial.  Councillors have no other approved plan for our money.  Councillors would still have £40,000, almost two full years reserves, buried in their hole.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Two Lottery Applications claiming the Parish Council OWNS land along Hagg Lane

Dear Parish Clerk

You have had two meetings of Hemingbrough Parish Council plus a week since receiving my enquiry about Last Year’s Accounts.  When can I expect your written reply, please?  

All this unreasonable prevarication encourages people to think the Council has something to hide.

While writing, I offer you the thought that it would have been more professional of you to answer my latest question about whether Hemingbrough Parish Council OWNS the land described as 'Granny Darley's Green' in the Council's successful application to the Big Lottery Fund/BBC for £10,000 with a simple "Yes" or "No" instead of 'we will reply in due course'.  As the Parish Clerk of long standing I believe it is reasonable for me to expect you to know the answer to my question.

Do I have to find local residents to testify to the answers?

“Re: Last Year's Accounts
Dear Parish Clerk,
Thank you for that information after 29 working days and a prompt.
Can you confirm that:
all future costs associated with Hagg Lane Green, such as removal of fly tipping materiel, removal of travellers, Court fees, etc.  will be borne by Members of the independent Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group and not the Parish Council,
the date on which Hemingbrough Parish Council assigned all of its share of the monies, (or the resulting assets) awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to that independent Group following a joint application for funds
that truth of the Joint  Conservation Group/Parish Council Application that states "The land is owned by the Parish Council who will act as the accountable body for the project" and the land is owned "Freehold or other type of outright ownership" which, as statements open to challenge, could be in contravention of the Funds' Rules and Regulations.
Perhaps the issue of Parish Council Ownership of the land at Hagg Lane by Freehold or other type of outright ownership is what you and the Parish Council sought to conceal by your failure to provide any of the information I requested in a properly worded Freedom of Information Act request that was discussed in Council. 
Thank you,”

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Granny Darley's Green

Dear Parish Clerk

As the Council’s Proper Officer of some year’s standing you should have witnessed the exchanges between Councillors at last week’s meeting about land owned or not owned by Hemingbrough Parish Council with mounting disquiet.

Could you advise me if the Council legally owns the land referred to as ‘Granny Darley’s Green’ in the Parish Council grant application to the ‘Big Lottery Fund’, completed by a currently serving Councillor, that resulted in an award of £10,000 to the Council, please? 

I do not need you tell me that the land is registered as a Village Green.  This is not a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

I think it is reasonable for me to believe that you know this fact so your willingness to answer my question cannot need a debate by Councillors.

Thank you

Monday, 22 September 2014

Some people call them ‘Moles’, others call them ‘Historians’

I find it increasingly difficult to reconcile historical papers with what I hear at Hemingbrough Parish Council meetings, especially now the Rt. Honourable Eric Pickles has changed the national rules to allow Councillors to be filmed, photographed and recorded.

For example, last week’s meeting included exchanges between Councillors about the ownership of land at Hagg Lane, Hemingbrough.  Does the Parish Council own land there, or doesn’t it? 

It has been difficult to get the Parish Clerk and Councillors to put facts in writing.  Now they are on film, arguing about details but they all seem to think the Council doesn’t own land there.  Some say they know who owns land, and it’s not the Council, others says they don’t know who owns land there.

So how it is possible that Hemingbrough Parish Council was awarded “£10,000 on the terms and conditions you accepted as part of the application” (BRE/1/010222547) by the “Big Lottery Fund” when the hand-written application says:

Question. “Who owns the land that you plan to work on?”
Answer. “Hemingbrough Parish Council

Question. “If you do not own it, will you be getting the following? A lease, written permission from the owner, Please give more details.
Answer. Left blank!

There was more than one successful Lottery grant.  Will I find similarities?   

Perhaps those involved will hold up their hands, and do the honourable thing?