Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hemingbrough Chimpanzee’s Tea Party (2)

What the hell was District Councillor McSherry doing when she interrupted the Parish Chairman and turned to me in the public seats, where I must remain quiet unless the Chairman invites me to speak, and asked me a question?  

She should know her place by now.  She is a member of the public at parish council meetings.  Only the Chairman, not even Parish Councillors, talks to the public when the Council is in formal session.  Those are the Council rules.  She should sit in the public seats, as she does in Barlby & Osgodby.   

I hope Drew, McCann and the Clerk are not in charge of arranging Christmas Festivities in the Brewery.   

A Stitch Up

Councillors Chilvers, Kinsella, Proctor and Strelczenie had to step outside the Parish Council to raise funds to clear the eyesore of the disused Filling Station at the village entrance, set up a Memorial Rose Garden for the Great War soldiers, improve ‘Oldways’ and they have more village enhancing projects in the pipeline.

These Six Councillors, McCann, Harrison, Senior, Pickering, Wilkinson, Drew, controlled the Parish Council with 6 votes to five.  Four rarely speak.    Wilkinson left and was replaced by ‘Mute Newt’ Sedman.  They do very little but put our money in the bank.  They refused to support a Civic Project to honour the fallen of the Great War because Wilkinson, supported by McCann and the rest of the Gang, thought the idea was a whim of one individual, whom they revile.  They still have not made a donation to the Memorial Rose Garden, preferring to play ‘silly buggers’ to ignore their own meeting minutes.  They canned the Allotments project and the Parish Newsletter.  They reneged on their pledge to put Residents are the forefront of their intent.  They are not trusted.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hemingbrough Chimpanzee’s Tea Party

Go to a Parish Council meeting controlled by a professional chairman and clerk, say Bubwith or Barlby & Osgodby, and you will not find visiting Country and District Councillors sitting at the same table as Parish Councillors.  They sit in the public seats. 

Parish councillors are summoned to the meeting to consider and transact the items on the formal agenda.  In law, the visitors have the same status as residents; they are not summoned to the meeting, they may give a report from the public seats on their wider area duties when asked by the Parish Chairman to do so, or respond to the Chairman’s questions.  They must not be heard at any other time, just like the residents.

Under the almost non-existent control of Chairman Richard Drew and the ineffectual Clerk, the visiting councillors sit at the parish table and are heard all too often.  For example, a most important session is when parish councillors discuss local planning applications often in the presence of the residents who submitted them. 

The visiting Councillors know they have been filmed, photographed and recorded showing they are a distraction and interfere with council protocol.

One of them, North Yorkshire County Councillor Mike Jordan, maybe speaking for all three visitors, took the view that in a meeting lasting only about 1 hour and 20 min “at County Hall we regularly get up and walk around during debate to talk to others without interrupting (sic) the debate. We do not like just sitting there as zombies and it is part of the process as you will have noted at The houses of parliament (sic). Formality taken to its end stifles debate and we do not want that!

 My view was: “Thank you for your explanation which concentrates entirely on the wishes and likes of Councillors and makes not a single reference to the Public.
In a public session of any Council I expect to hear the discussions so I may understand what the Council likes and prefers in local developments.  I may have particular interests in the planning applications being discussed.  I do not recall public Planning Sessions at Selby District Council morphing into a Chimpanzee's Tea Party.  What you do behind the scenes out of the gaze of the public is your own private affair.
My recordings of last month's Planning Session at Hemingbrough show that Councillors paid no attention to the public.  The noise was appalling!

McSherry chattering in the corner, Jordan moved seats to chatter with Deans right in front of the residents' seats. No respect!  

Last month, the Clerk and Chairman had to be given a note during the meeting to ask Councillors to be quiet as residents could not hear the planning discussions yet again against the background of chimpanzee chatter. 

Why didn’t Drew or the Clerk have respect for the residents?  Why didn’t Drew control the session?  The note was polite.  The content meant ‘We can’t hear, STFU!’   

Deans and Jordan. We can't hear. STFU!

The visiting councillors have been asked politely to move to the public seats so residents can hear and concentrate on their elected Councillors, and to observe council protocol, when they will be respected as guests who know their place.  I wonder if they will take any notice of residents trying to hear the meetings.  Will Chairman Drew? 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Hemingbrough Parish Newsletter. What’s that?

“Everybody’s in the dark” Councillor Chilvers

When was the last time Councillors Richard Drew and Kenny McCann told residents about Council happenings?  When did you last see a Parish Council newsletter?  The subject surfaced in the November 2014 Council meeting.  Like most topics for our Council Leaders it was embarrassing.  Make no mistake, it is Drew and McCann’s duty, their responsibility as the sitting Council Leaders, to compile a Parish Magazine and oversee its delivery to every Parish household.  Not only is it embarrassing, it’s very difficult when these two Councillors have achieved virtually nothing other than get the Council Meetings over in record times

Drew calls the Parish Newsletter an expensive “Shop Dumping Exercise” and admits he has organised only one in almost two years as Chairman.  During his rambling, mumbling explanation for his attitude he gave no indication at all that he values any communication with residents. 

His deputy, Vice-chairman Kenny McCann didn’t seem to think it was his duty either.  What else can you expect from the Councillor charged with the Village Allotments Scheme?  McCann’s his only contribution in two years was to make them disappear from the Parish agenda?

Councillor Proctor and Chilvers emphasised the importance of all Councillors talking to residents as they and their Parish History Society colleagues had done when they delivered their Newsletter to every house in the village.

Will residents make Drew, McCann and their Mute Newt colleagues, Senior, Harrison, Pickering and Sedman disappear in the Council elections in May 2015 to the same dark place where the allotment proposal may be found?  These Mute Newts, who hold a majority of Council votes, still haven’t offered a donation to the Memorial Rose Garden. 

The village grapevine says some had a meeting about a Council donation with their ‘Hagg Lane Green’ hats on and all they were interested in was ensuring the Memorial Rose Garden doesn’t get any more than their £600 Council ‘maintenance grant’.  Such confidential ‘news’ spreads fast when it is shared with a heavily drinking Member who walks around the village.  

An inebriated Source spilled the beans about their fear of being recorded in December until one Councillor told them I have a different priority on the third Thursday of December so have never attended that Council meeting.  Drunk’s, eh?

Monday, 15 December 2014

Open Letter to North Yorkshire County Councillor M. Jordan

Police not welcome!

I call on you to apologise publicly to Steve Burrell of the North Yorkshire Police Service, and Hemingbrough Parish Council and Residents before Christmas.  You know you were filmed making remarks at our Parish Council Meeting under new national rules promoting greater public accountability.

You said “That’s where a gentleman called Steve Burrell of the Police comes in, and unfortunately he’s, he’s, err,  I’ll say it out loud, he is not a man that’s welcomed in a lot of places because of his ideas and his policies but he is part of the Police force, he’s the civil part of the police force, and he’s the Safety Officer with all the facts and the figures there that dictate whether an area should be a forty or a thirty.”

You added afterwards “There are other Councillors having similar issues in other wards and a campaign is gathering 'steam' as it were.”  Finally you have admitted you meant “specifically (one) village in that ward who have been let down and had their Parish Plan ignored.”

You abused our Parish Council privilege of allowing you to address Councillors and residents on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council.  You came here and tainted Mr. Burrell’s reputation by saying he was “not welcome in a lot of places for his ideas and his policies.’
In future, you should sit with the public, as you do in Barlby, and not sit at the Hemingbrough Parish Council table.  You can make your short report on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council and respond to the Chairman’s questions from there.  You must not insult our welcome by exaggerating and passing off issues in one particular village elsewhere as County Council matters.

I am reassured to know the Police and Crime Commissioner contacted you after learning of your accusation.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Councillor Chilvers defends the right of Residents to be heard.

Chilvers to Chairman Drew “You’re trying to bury it”

Disgraceful, Disrespectful Drew and Vice-chairman McCann’s Dodgy Deal.

Faced with a resident’s NEW, formal proposal that the Parish Council debates once and for all the outstanding issues about Hagg Lane Green that devastate Hemingbrough Council meetings, and brings that Council-registered Village Green back under the control of the whole Council instead of letting an independent group of Councillors and their mates control it in contravention of national rules to avoid bringing Councils into disrepute, and with no public oversight, Drew and McCann try to dodge the resident’s proposal without any Council discussion and instead Drew proposes Hagg Lane Green should be removed from future Council agendas, thus protecting the mates with whom he campaigned for election to the Council, and avoiding outstanding issues such as ‘Did McCann lie to the Council and Public recently’, while McCann, the main spokesman for that independent group, sat and twiddled his thumbs (or jerked Drew’s strings).

Under intense pressure, Drew withdrew his proposal.  

What will happen next year?


Hemingbrough Councillors Senior and Sedman formally ‘represented’ the village at the ‘Eastern Public Forum’, formerly known as a ‘Community Engagement Forum’ or CEF, at Riccall Regen Centre. 

Councllors Kinsella, Proctor and Strelczenie went too.  So did I.

Senior and Sedman quietly slid into the room, stood behind Selby Council display panels, didn’t associate with their three Hemingbrough Council colleagues, didn’t network with or circulate among other community leaders, dragged two chairs to the back of the room instead of sharing a table with others, had to be ‘encouraged’ by the organisers to sit at one of the tables (where I suddenly found myself sandwiched between the two ‘Mute Newts’ who are OK to chat to in the pub but are useless in public meetings) and unlike other parish representatives didn’t comment on ‘Plan Selby’ or anything else, or ask any questions. 

By contrast, Councillors Kinsella, Proctor and Strelczenie, who are actively involved in clearing the eye-sore of a disused filling service from the village entrance, fund-raising and setting up a Memorial Rose Garden and improving the ‘Oldways, circulated and networked to the benefit of residents.

In the absence of our District Councillors Deans and McSherry, County Councillor Jordan and the Community Police Representative, the Forum Chairperson Councillor Casling undertook to find out what Councillor Jordan meant on his last trip to the village:

North Yorkshire County Councillor Mike Jordan knows he was recorded on film telling Hemingbrough Parish Councillors in their formal meeting on 20th November 2014, when he could not be questioned by the public, saying the following:

“That’s where a gentleman called Steve Burrell of the Police comes in, and unfortunately he’s, he’s, err,  I’ll say it out loud, he is not a man that’s well welcomed in a lot of places because of his ideas and his policies but he is part of the Police force, he’s the civil part of the police force, and he’s the Safety Officer with all the facts and the figures there that dictate whether an area should be a forty or a thirty.”

Was Councillor Jordan speaking on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council, Selby District Council or both?  Where does Councillor Jordan say Mr Burrell is not welcome?  What are the ideas and policies held by Mr Burrell and the Police that are so unacceptable to Councillor Jordan and his colleagues?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Correspondence with the Council

Subject: McCann's Parish Council Claim “that was accepted by the Lottery”

Dear Chairman Drew,

At the September 2014 meeting of Hemingbrough Parish Council Vice-Chairman Kenny McCann volunteered the following information to Councillors and the Public about the ownership of the Hagg Lane Village Green, as your recording of proceedings will confirm:

This information was put forward to a Solicitor who looked over all the documents and was prepared to sign to say that there was no legal owner of the land from the extensive searches that had gone on and he was quite happy to do that AND THAT WAS ACCEPTED BY THE LOTTERY as the fact that there is no owner of the land.

I join Councillor Chilvers in challenging Vice-chairman McCann to show that “that was accepted by the Lottery” and explain why he kept quiet on the subject in the November meeting.  To date McCann has even concealed the name of the Solicitor who worked on this Parish Council action.

At the December 2014 Council meeting I challenge McCann to provide the Parish Council with either a certified copy of the Solicitor’s Letter he referenced in September 2014 and covering letters from the Parish Council to the Lottery Funds stating the Grant Applications were untrue, or have the you or Clerk produce those letters from the Parish files, and explain how his handwritten Grant Application to The Big Lottery Fund states “Hemingbrough Parish Council” in answer to the question “Who owns the land you plan to work on?

Perhaps McCann would also offer an explanation of why a Freedom of Information Act request for copies of all the Hemingbrough Grant Application communications with the Parish Council does not included any reference to the false claim including that ‘was accepted by the Lottery’.

I hope McCann can settle the issues but if he fails to backup his claims in December then I must re-phrase my Question to you asked in the November 2014 Public Forum:  “Will you agree with me that a discredited Vice-chairman who misleads the Council and the Public in a formal session of the Council should no longer hold Office on the Council?” 

Will you put that question to the Council in a named vote?

Did the Vice-chairman lie to the Council and the Public in the September 2014 Council meeting?

You will not read this in the Council's Official minutes.  
You no longer have to be there to see and hear what they are doing in our name.  

By the November Council meeting Councillor Chilvers was becoming even more exasperated, and rightly so.
Where is that letter?  It’s not in the Parish Files.  I want to see that letter.  You produce it.

It will take McCann only two minutes to prove his statements, or it will go on through Christmas and into the New Year, for a while .... 

In September 2014, before the availability of numerous letters from ‘The Big Lottery Fund’ under the Freedom of Information Act, Vice-chairman Kenny McCann volunteered information to the Council and the public:

McCann: “Schemes went ahead, money was spent. There was no money passed to Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green.  The money was passed from the lottery through the Council accounts and then paid to Ground Works 

Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Group came to this Parish Council.  The Secretary/Treasurer (D. Hails) came with an application form to get it signed by the Parish Council, the Clerk, as the accountable body again and it was turned down. 

I can’t tell you why because as a Member of the Group I used to declare an interest and leave the room”

(Comment: Did McCann think nobody would check the Council minutes?  The official Parish record is that this McCann statement is untrue.

a) Ratify action taken by the Chairman at the 21st January 2010 Parish Council Meeting of seeking further advice from Selby District Council regarding Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green. RESOLVED

b) The Chairman confirmed that he had attended a meeting at Selby District Council on Monday 15th March when he was told that they could not advise him on the issues in question and they recommended the Parish Council should employ a solicitor. They also recommended that Cllr’s Senior and Pickering should advise the Parish Council in writing as to why they would have to pay back monies already received and why the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Group would receive no further grants.

Discussion then took place at length regarding the HHLGCG Grant application, the request for the Parish Council to be the accountable body for HHLGCG and the change in constitution of the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Committee.

(Comment: McCANN is still in the meeting discussing “at length” the Grant Application.  He went out only for the vote at 10:40.  “I can’t tell you why .....” ‘WILL NOT’, more like.) 

District Councillor K McSherry and County Councillor Margaret Hulme left the meeting at 10.15pm and the discussion continued.

Cllr Senior left the meeting at 10.35pm followed by the two members of the public.  Cllr’s G Harrison and K McCann left the room at 10.40pm.

It was proposed, seconded and accepted with a show of hands that the Parish Council would not be able to complete the grant application as landowners as Hemingbrough Parish Council were not the Registered Landowners. RESOLVED

It was also proposed, seconded and accepted with a show of hands that the Parish Council could not become the accountable body for HHLGCG due to the change in their constitution.RESOLVED

Cllr’s G Harrison and K McCann then returned to the room.

(Comment: Two months earlier, McCann had remained in the council meeting for the following session

A councillor suggested that Hagg Lane Green is registered as a village green but another councillor advised that as there is no legal owner the Parish Council need to go for possesionary (sic) title.
A proposal that Hemingbrough Parish Council should go for possesionary (sic) title was made which was seconded.
A counter proposal that Hemingbrough Parish Council should not go for legal ownership was then made and this was also seconded. A vote on the counter proposal was then taken and achieved four votes. (COUNCILLORS McCANN, SENIOR, HARRISION, PICKERING)
A councillor then said that Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group could not get lottery funding if the land was owned by the Parish Council and may also have to pay back grants that they had already received.
The Chairman then stated that he wanted to look into this further before any decision was made and advised he would seek advice from Selby District Council.“

(Comment: I must re-phrase my Question to  Chairman Drew: “Will you agree with me that a discredited Vice-chairman who misleads the Council (in September 2014) and the Public in a formal session of the Council should no longer hold Office on the Council?”)

McCann continues:

“Hemingbrough Parish Council at that time said it didn’t own it, the Village Green, and therefore it couldn’t be the accountable body,

So we were left with an application for £50,000 that we had put together and nobody owned the land.

A lot of hard work went into trying to trace the owner of the land.  North Yorkshire County were approached; they didn’t own it (the Hagg Lane Village Green).  Selby District Council were approached; they didn’t own the land either.

Extensive searches were done through Land Registry and other organisations and no owner could be found.

This information was put forward to a Solicitor who looked over all the documents and was prepared to sign to say that there was no legal owner of the land from the extensive searches that had gone on and he was quite happy to do that AND THAT WAS ACCEPTED BY THE LOTTERY as the fact that there is no owner of the land.

And that is still the case today. There is no owner of the land.

Councillor R Chilvers injection “Wrong”

McCann: That’s my brief summary

Chilvers injection “Wrong”

‘No legal owner’ is bunkum, rubbish.  Every piece of land in this country was allocated to somebody through the Enclosure Act. READ IT, carefully.

The other thing is Hemingbrough Parish Council was the accountable body to get the money from the Lottery and claim the VAT and that was in the original Constitution.  Someone took a paragraph out and that was when I fell out with the whole ??? and said this is wrong I’m getting out of this.”

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

“I’ll say it out loud” - North Yorkshire County Councillor Michael Jordan

It would have been better if Jordan had kept his mouth shut as his remarks added nothing to the Parish Councillors' discussion other than to open a hole in which to park his own foot.

“That’s where a gentleman called Steve Burrell (North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Management Officer for York) of the Police comes in, and unfortunately he’s, he’s, err,  I’ll say it out loud, he is not a man that’s well welcomed in a lot of places because of his ideas and his policies but he is part of the Police force, he’s the civil part of the police force, and he’s the Safety Officer with all the facts and the figures there that dictate whether an area should be a forty or a thirty.

(Comment: Perhaps Steve Burrell already knows he is not welcomed in a lot of places, in which case local residents have a problem, or maybe he didn’t know what was being said about him until Councillors could be filmed and recorded in their formal meetings. 

Maybe an explanation in the local newspaper will reveal more?  There is obviously a problem that needs sorting out.      

Chairman Drew probably wished he had also kept his mouth shut as he tried yet again to prevent discussions by Councillors and felt the anger of a Councillor who wanted to mention the local wildlife. 

Drew’s poor Chairmanship is destroying the Parish Council in which he is supported by Vice-chairman McCann.  One of the first rules of Chairmanship is to ensure everyone is encouraged to speak, but Drew just wants to ‘move on’ as if he is desperate to do something else, and McCann whines and whinges while his Hagg Lane Green Gang keep schtum.)

“Drew: We are going to move on

Chilvers: No, you’re not!

Drew: Yes we are.

Chilvers: (irritably) You know the Standing Orders and any Councillor is allowed three minutes on any subject.  I have not had three minutes. You know you’re Standing Orders.  If you haven’t, Read Them!

Now then, the Sand Martins, they have been there for seventy years that I know of ..... “

(Well done, Councillor Chilvers.  Please stop Drew’s destructive “We are going to move on” nonsense.  Let the other Councillors speak, otherwise they might as well stay at home.)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Public Forum - November 2014

I hope you have got used to Hemingbrough Parish Council being in the vanguard of greater public scrutiny.  I know some Councillors don’t like being filmed and recorded and it was only last month when the Vice-chairman asked me not to film because he thought I had too many photographs of you already.  It’s not that I am collecting photographs; it’s that the new Rules mean every word that’s said in the formal meeting becomes a matter of public record, and it’s useful to be able to go back over that public record if there are disagreements.

I remember the September Parish Council meeting.  I remember it particularly because of the exchanges between Councillors in formal session about ‘Shady Dealings’ that were all to do with the Village Greens in Hemingbrough.  You will be aware that the Council often does not respond to my legitimate ....

[Silence.  I stopped talking.  Council protocol requires the public to address concerns or comments to the Chairman.  Fortunately, the Public Forum happens before the Council meeting starts when our particular Chairman can become distracted, (some say before withdrawal symptoms take hold) or even ignore the public and forget to open the Forum at all. 

Councillors looked round to see if something had happened to me.  When Vice-chairman McCann drew Chairman Drew’s attention to a note, I just stood there thinking, “You rude bastards!  At least I have it all on film so I don’t care how long you take.  It's like Drew insulting the lady resident calling her a “nitwit”, and drawing a furious response from the lady with the planning application.  When Drew and McCann looked up because of the silence, I continued.)     

I will wait until your attention is back with me.
.... requests and there is one outstanding from August.  When that happens, it strengthens my resolve to get the information from elsewhere, and as a direct consequence of the exchanges between Councillors at the September meeting, I applied to two Lottery organisations for information under the Freedom of Information Act.  I have already offered you copies of the extensive correspondence that I got from The Big Lottery Fund.

(Comment: According to remarks from Councillor Chilvers, the Parish Council files seem to be strangely incomplete.  Perhaps the Clerk has the papers in her garden shed?  Perhaps they are with the Hagg Lane Green Gang?  Drew has not taken up my offer to complete the files with copies of the ‘missing Council Papers’.  I wonder why not?  Will Councillor Chilvers get a copy of the Solicitors Letter mention by McCann?  More about that one later!)  

It’s quite revealing in terms of the Breach of Contract that they talk about in the information supplied, and how that breach of contract over work at Hagg Lane Green could prejudice the Parish Council, not the Hagg Lane Green Group, from further Lottery funds.

One of the enclosures was the 18-page Breathing Places Application Form that went from Hemingbrough Parish Council to The Big Lottery Fund.  Often with such applications they are type-written and signed by the Parish Clerk and so one can say it was a collective decision to put in the grant application even though it might have been authored by one particular Councillor or a group of them.

In this particular case of the award of £10,000 to the Parish Council; the application form was mostly handwritten, and the address to which the correspondence went was not the registered address of the Council, meaning the home address of the Parish Clerk, by one particular Councillor whose hand writing is seen through the application. 

Having been through it, and given you, Chairman, some information about what the information contains, will you agree with me that if the Parish Council, and one particular Councillor tells ‘The Big Lottery Fund’ that the Village Green is owned by the Parish Council, would you agree with me that if that information is not true, and was admitted not to be true at the September 2014 Parish Council meeting, then that particular Councillor should no longer hold office within the Parish Council?

To be clear, I am not saying I think a Councillor should resign from the Parish Council but if the Councillor concerned is the Vice-chairman, then I for one would find it unacceptable for a Council official to be representing us when there is at least one example of false information being used to gain an award from a lottery organisation.

Drew “Thank you”

So the Question was “Do you agree with me?

Drew: “Probably not.”

Thank you, Chairman.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

“Working with the Community for the Community”

Extracts from the Report TO Hemingbrough Parish Council
Thursday 20Th November describing the efforts of Councillors Chilvers, Kinsella, Proctor and Strelczenie with widespread local support. (by Cllr R. Proctor)

The Hemingbrough Historical/Heritage Society has progressed well with two major projects since I last Reported In September.

The Society has published and distributed throughout the village it first major newsletter for residents.  We have held a public meeting to present our plans for two of our projects and these were well received.  The Society holds meetings on a monthly basis and welcomes any input from residents with suggestions, offers of help and indeed constructive criticism of what we are trying to achieve.  We believe that  only  by full consultation and reference to residents can we  improve  our  village  facilities and  progress to  being a  village to  be  proud  of.  Our motto is “Working with the Community for the Community”

We have had a great deal of support from local businesses, individuals and other organisations both within the village and outside too.

We continue to  plan public events and  presentations to  highlight the history  and  heritage  of the  village and to  involve the community  in our  projects.

Memorial Garden

We express our sincere thanks to Plasmor, Fairfax Plant Hire, John Dalby and Colin Chilvers, along with other volunteers, for making the progress to date possible.

We have erected a notice board on the site, kindly manufactured and donated by a resident, Mr Mike Halliday. This will give us the opportunity to keep residents informed of all the work we are doing on our various projects.


Thanks to a grant from Drax Power and the involvement of Groundworks, we have been able to make a start on this exciting project. We would stress that during this conservation work access to the site  has  been granted  via the  fields headlands  owned  by Bruce Falkingham and  no traffic  is  accessing the site  via the  original Oldways highway.

Sincere thanks are expressed to Andy Pulleyne for his work in creating this community facility.

Future Projects

We will be announcing another exciting major local project in the next few weeks and will keep the Parish Council informed of our plans.

Members of our committee are happy to give reports to the Parish Council on request and answer any questions that Councillors may have.

Comment: All Parish Councillors are supposed to be ‘Working with the Community for the Community’.  That’s why we elected them.  Chairman Drew, Vice-chairman McCann, Wilkinson, Senior, Harrison and Pickering, a cabal with the majority vote pledged they would do exactly that. 

Drew and McCann are destroying the Council with their constant bleating and whining while Senior, Harrison and Pickering keep their mouths shut.  Wilkinson has gone, while her replacement Sedman keeps his mouth shut.  What have they done to support the Memorial Garden, removing the eyesore Filling Station from the village entrance or providing allotments?  Did any of them come to the public meeting to learn about the Memorial plans?  NO!

They have used their voting majority to block any financial contribution to the Memorial Garden. Are they involved in the “exciting major local project” that will be announced shortly?  NO!

The Hemingbrough Historical/Heritage Society with local Church support is working for the residents with donations. 

Drew, McCann, Senior, Harrison, Pickering and Sedman put OUR money into the Council Bank Account where it sits, losing value and earning Sweet Fanny Adams. That just about sums them up.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Well done, Vic

Hemingbrough locals know the walk alongside the Hagg Lane Village Green is a good village asset even if it was obtained by lying to the Lottery Funds that provided substantial Parish Council funding, a breach of contract that formally put the Parish Council on a Warning that its conduct may prevent it from gaining funding that benefits the public in the future, lying to Councillors and the public, altering Parish Council records that must be a honest record to be used in the English Courts, accusations of ‘shady’ Parish Council dealings from within the Council itself, acrimonious relations between the two Council factions, retaliation and revenge that have affected other projects including the Memorial Rose Garden and a recent blatant attempt by the unprepared, unaware Chairman Richard Drew acting in haste to get the Council meeting over as quickly as possible and solely on behalf of his cronies with whom he campaigned for election to prevent discussion of a resident’s proposal to bring control of that Registered Village Green back into the Council where its future development, funding and management can be overseen by all Councillors and the public.

With so much hostility between Councillors and so much bad blood, such as that recorded at the September 2014 Council meeting, it is not surprising that Councillors McCann, Senior, Harrison and Pickering acting without their Councils hats on failed to take action to remove the main cause of the Plague of Rats urinating and defecating on and around the Village Green they been managing since control was wrested from the Parish Council by deceit.  Those four Councillors know the Green is a play area for village toddlers and the site of their Santa Grotto yet they shamefully ignored the health risks.

Only by writing to the independent Steering Group that includes those four Councillors, and the local Press, and talking to locals exercising their dogs and playing with their children did Vic Parkin force them into action to get the Pest Control, Environmental Health and Health and Safety Officials to sort out the disgusting mess and move the feeding bags on which the Plague of Rats was gorging.

Well done, Vic.

P. S. If Councillor Sedman is going to keep sitting there with his mouth shut throughout the Meetings (maybe he only mutters in Summer, if then?), and Councillor Pickering, either because of continuing work commitments or because of his deteriorating relations with the Hagg Lane Green Group (we’ve heard, and it’s not surprising in view of their jokes), perhaps they could both get off the Council so people with the interests of all the Residents, such as Councillor Proctor, can have a chance.  The newly co-opted Councillor has sat through three meetings so eyes, ears and cameras are on him.  Good luck to him now he must have figured out which Councillors are doing the work – the Parish History Group (shown in yellow).

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Legacy Papers (2)

As a (new) Councillor, I would like to know what we are dealing with here.”
Councillor R. Proctor.
“There were large sums of money involved .....  Now you know as much as I do that there were shady dealings with this.  I did not agree with doing that.  Why do you think I walked out of your Hagg Lane Group?
It was wrong, wrong, wrong.   Well, that was entirely false, and I knew that at the time.”
 Councillor R. Chilvers

Source: Filmed and recorded at the Hemingbrough Parish Council Meeting.  
September 2014

From HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL to the The Big Lottery Fund

Breathing Places Application Form initiated by Councillor Kenny McCann (partly in his hand writing and partly typed)

We will be working in partnership with Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation group ...

We certify that the information given in this application is true

(Constitution of Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group provided by Parish Clerk from Council files:

“This constitution was adopted on the 13th day of October Two Thousand and five.
Steering Group Signatures:
Martin Senior, Chairperson
Denis Hails, Secretary/Treasurer
Glenis Harrison, Committee
Kenneth McCann, Committee
Sarah Noble, Committee
Neil Pickering, Committee
Mark Bell, Committee
Bernard Farrall, Committee”

(This bogus Constitution is dated exactly one week before a joint Grant application to the separate Heritage Lottery Fund – printed by that Fund on Thursday, 20 October 2005 at 2.48pm. A different application misled another Lottery Fund into believing “the land is owned Freehold or other type of outright ownership by the Parish Council. 

The Application notes “The Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group was set up in October 2005”. (What a surprise.)  

Martin Senior was not the Group’s Chairperson until after 17th July 2007!  Perhaps (Councillor) Pickering would like to confirm when he became a Member of that Group and accepted Committee responsibilities?)          

From the Parish Clerk (B. Hopper) to Bernard Farrall, Committee Member of the Conservation Group

As the (Conservation Group) accounts are included within the Parish Council Accounts, being the “accountable body”, and being audited by the External auditors I have assumed that the dealings of the Hagg Lane Green Conservation Group are subject to public scrutiny.  I would have thought that the minutes should be displayed on the excellent website and that meetings be advertised and open to the residents to attend.

IT WOULD APPEAR NOT SO.  However I find it surprising that some £50,000 of public money – whose pockets has it come from originally - can be spent without the local residents being able to look at the minutes and the accounts.  This is more than the Parish Council has spent in the last three years.


Addressed to home address of Mr. McCann (??? Why not to the Parish Council’s registered address care of the Clerk?)

I am pleased to inform you that we have awarded a grant to Hemingbrough Parish Council for £10,000 on the terms and conditions you accepted as part of the application.

To HEMINGBROUGH PARISH COUNCIL from the Assistant Grants Officer

The items listed below are referenced in your End of Award report as grant expenditure bur are not a part of the budget in your application and no changes to the budget have been requested.
Mower £2,350
Photopaper/Ink Cartridges/Leaflets  £631
Computer  £571
Reference Books £250 

What is not included in the extensive file of correspondence?

A copy of the letter mentioned by Councillor McCann at the September 2014 Council meeting declaring the Hemingbrough Hagg Lane Village Green has no legal owner. (It does!)

This 'missing' letter doesn’t seem to be in the Parish Council files.